Who is Anja

“Photography is truth.”
— Jean-Luc Godard

I love good stories. Instead of keeping them in (pencil-written) notebooks, I store them in my camera. If my camera could write novels, I would have already filled a handful of bookshelves.

I love the light and the effect it has on the photo. I don’t mind bad weather. The rays of the sun through the clouds in a storm, a quiet foggy autumn morning, or a shiny reflection of the sun in the playful children’s eyes. Light helps me build emotive moments, drawn from my subject.

I like spontaneous, honest photos, the ones that speak by themselves without interfering with the subject too much. I want my subjects to be relaxed, so I listen and let them freely explore their heart’s desire. My toddler helps me discover the art of listening over directing as I run behind him with a camera.

Before I became a mum, my motives were static, and yet I had to bring life and magic to them. For my love of cooking, I started to write a blog Use your noodles. My desk became my photography studio. I am still fully immersed in food photography, but my little man made sure that I became his constant stalker, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go. He helped me find my other love – family photography.

I try to catch the precious moments of everyday life on camera and create memories for years to come!

Things that make my heart sing:

family adventures with my husband and son, and everyone I love • Harry Potter • cooking and baking, especially in company • dancing • snowy walks, cold and anything Winter related • delicious food • cold evenings in front of TV, covered in a soft blanket with mulled wine in hands and good company • romantic movies

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